BEDU Bedda Naish

BEDU Beddna Naiesh - Official Trailer (ENG)
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57' | doc | 2020

Bedu is the manifesto of how a people can be violated in its human rights. Through the stories of the son of Sinai, interviews and witnesses, we retrace the whole story of the injustices suffered by these people: the Bedouins From the days of the Six-Day War through the tourist revolution to the Arab Spring up to the coup of al-Sisi and today to Isis. Deprived of their lands and the water, hijacked by the large European hotels. Deprived of basic human rights, such as having a home, access to health services and education. Reduced to cultivating and selling opium under contract with the police. Up to the interview with Mussa'ad Abu Fajr, the only Bedouin who spoke violations suffered by his people in a blog beddna naiseh (we want to live) for which he served three years in prison. Hence, the title of the documentary, because these nomads simply want the basic right: life.

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